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Real world fitness meets 3D personal avatars


NXT LVL is a motivational health platform that connects your workouts to your 3D avatar and keeps track of your fitness journey.

avatar Customisation

Generate a personalised 3D avatar from a single selfie to help you follow your progress every step of the way and boost real-world performance.


Adaptive audio motivation syncs with the intensity of your workout to push you to the NXT LVL.


Your avatar helps you to visualise your fitness progress and breaks down your goals into achievable milestones.


Easily understand your fitness progress in a single glance through Milestone Orbs.

Long-term goals are made into short-term achievable milestones, keeping you motivated on your fitness journey.


Earn rewards to customise your avatar or unlock real-world discounts by consistently achieving milestones.


Earning rewards for both your avatar and yourself by consistently hitting targets

Experts & Advisors

NXT LVL was created alongside 21 experts from Personal Training, Sports Psychology to Avatar Creation.

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What we aim to tackle

Body image

61% of UK adults feel negatively about their image - internet body standards circulated by social media aren’t helping. We believe that health and fitness is about what you achieve and more than just how you look.

repetitive Existing Solutions

Current approaches to tracking progress are flawed - progress pictures are inconsistent, tracking apps are numbers-dense and lack engagement, and readings from ‘smart’ scales are hit & miss.

Mental and physical health

Roughly 1 in 3 UK adults aren’t meeting government recommendations for physical activity. We argue that by making exercise engaging and rewarding, we can get more people enthusiastic about moving.

future of web and digital connectivity

We aim to connect your physical workouts with your digital identity, becoming a part of the metaverse that compliments real-life rather than ignores it.

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The future of nxt lvl

Bridging the gap between the physical and digital world

Through Future compression garment wearable technology

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